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Our new cheese and wine packs

We have for years been serving fine French cheeses with our wines in our wine bar, now we have found a way for you to enjoy them at home as well or to send them to your friends or loved ones.

We have selected a classic set of three cheeses - a Camembert 240g from Normandy, Fourmé d'Ambert 225g a creamy blue cheese from the Auvergne and a mature Comté 225g from the Alps – and have chosen a lovely bottle of Bordeaux to accompany them.

We are also offering a standalone cheese pack allowing you to add a bottle of your choice from our wider range of wines and we will pack them together or even add it to your order on its own.

If you would like us to enclose a note, please put the details in the instruction box.

This is a bit of a toe in the water, we hope to organise a wider range of cheeses and products in the future.


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